Audubon Silk Oblong Scarf [AW005]


The Audubon scarves are the second installment of our Audubon Series, a collection of 100% silk scarves with rolled edges designed by Sandy Stewart, Westphal Academic Associate Dean and Graphic Design Professor, and Roberta Gruber, Head of the Fashion, Product, and Design & Merchandising Department. The scarves were designed using the historical Audubon prints housed in the Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University.
The Mangrove Cuckoo is a slender bird, mostly brown, with a long tail with large white spots along the edges. It is recognizable by a black facemask and a beak with a yellow lower mandible. It is a tropical bird commonly found in the mangroves along the southern coasts of Florida as well as a variety of lowland habitats stretching from Mexico to South American and the Caribbean.